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Board Certified Adult and Pediatric Allergist and Immunologist

The providers at Texas Allergy Group are well-versed in the recognition and management of Allergic Inflammatory Diseases that encompass several organ systems. Control of organ inflammation and its subsequent complications is our goal.


  • Live Without Allergies, Asthma, and Sinus Diseases!
  • Constant Fatigue? Headaches? Eye Itchiness? A Runny Nose And The Cold Or Flu One After The Other? You Might Have Allergies.
  • Have You Ever Felt You Are Constantly Out Of Shape And Could Not Complete Your Workouts? Have You Thought That You Might Have Asthma And Allergies? They Usually Go Together.
  • How About That Constant Yucky Mucus and Cough? They could be signs of Sinus Diseases
  • We Provide You And Your Family With State-Of-The-Art Expertise In Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Convenient Onsite Radiographic Facility
  • Friendly Staff And Comfortable Environment That Makes You Feel Right At Home

Allergy Asthma and Sinus Clinic in Houston 

Office and Shot Hours

Texas Allergy is an Allergy Clinic in Houston that offers you and your family state-of-the-art care in allergy, sinus, asthma, and immunology diseases.

At Texas Allergy, we are committed to providing patient-oriented and comprehensive care to all of our patients. Our friendly staff and doctors, who are board-certified adult and pediatric Allergist & Immunologists, are dedicated to providing you and your family the most cost-effective care and optimal outcomes through both treatment and education. An understanding of your disease process is an important goal in achieving satisfactory outcomes.


What is an Allergist Immunologist?


An Allergist  Immunologist, usually referred to as just an Allergist, is a physician who specializes in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases related to the immune system. Abnormal activation of the immune system may cause allergic and autoimmune diseases. In the opposite spectrum, weakness of your immune system causes frequent infections as seen in several primary immunodeficiency diseases. The diseases and conditions that allergists specialize in treating range from common conditions such as seasonal allergies - known as hay fever - pollen/mold/pet allergy, asthma, sinus infections, hives, food and skin allergies to very rare conditions like primary immunodeficiency or weakness of your immune system. Other conditions that allergists also treat are insect allergies, drug allergies, eosinophilic disorders, mast cell disorders, and some rare autoimmune disorders that cause recurrent periodic fever usually seen in children. An Allergist Immunologist sees and treats both adult and children.

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