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Eczema & 

Contact Dermatitis


Eczema &  Contact Dermatitis | Houston Allergist | Texas Allergy | Texas Allergy Group Eczema &  Contact Dermatitis | Houston Allergist | Texas Allergy | Texas Allergy Group
Eczema lesions in the wrist with lichenification/thickening of the skin Eczema lesions in the back with excoriation due to scratch


Eczema is a chronic inflammation condition of the skin that is coupled with itchiness. When symptoms are severe, it may be associated with several types of infections. Many things contribute to the development and severity of eczema including environmental allergy, food allergy, skin dryness, infections, and micro nutrient deficiency. It also often associates with allergy and asthma, especially in children. Severe cases of infancy eczema can be a presentation of severe primary immunodeficiency. Severe eczema can affect you and your family's quality of life significantly if it is not controlled. Allergic contact dermatitis presents itself with the same itchy inflammation of the skin. It is caused by contact of your skin to certain metals, chemicals, cosmetics or toxins. Successful treatment of both conditions depend on identifying and controlling triggers and then dispensing appropriate medications for symptomatic control.

Please come for a discussion if you or your family member has or suspects to have any of those diseases to see how we could help. Below are services and procedures that we offer at Texas Allergy for this condition.


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