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In the US, there are about 30% - 40% of adults and 40% of children living with allergy. When allergy symptoms first start, many OTC medications work well in controlling the symptoms. Later on, it becomes an inflammation process that many OTC allergy medications would not work or only relieve your symptoms temporarily. Untreated allergies or hay fever might lead to a more chronic and debilitating condition like chronic rhinosinusitis or frequent sinus infections, allergic asthma and eczema or atopic dermatitis and many cases of chronic rucurrent hives. There are about 10% of the population living with asthma and of which, 80% asthmatics have environmental allergy. Fluctuation of allergy symptoms during allergy seasons is also observed in patients with eosinophilic esophagitis and eczema. Since they are all related, a comprehensive approach is needed to better manage your symptoms.

It looks like the underlying causes of those diseases are allergic inflammation due to the dumping of histamine granules and other inflammatory cytokines that happens to be at several surface areas of the body, e.i. the nose, sinuses, airway mucosa, the skin or might even be at gut mucosa in some cases. It also seems like the most constant and strongest stimulation of those allergy cells are through the airway since it is exposed to the environment constantly through breathing. Untreated chronic inflammation would eventually lead to infections due to either bacteria overgrowth or the stickiness or leakiness of the mucosal lining and the skin. Therefore, patients with this condition have many sinusitis, bronchitis, bronchopneumonnia, and skin infection to bacterial, fungal and viruses. This chronic dumping of inflammatory cytokines also induce to a cascade of reactions of other immune cells in the body. This might be why when we are unable to control those triggers or when we choose not to control those triggers, the blocking of several inflammatory pathway upstream of inflammatory process by using biologics works in asthma, eczema, and chronic recurrent hives. This might explain why one type of biologics work on several allergic inflammatory diseases like the same one that works for asthma, also works very well to control chronic recalcitrant hives and similarly to atopic dermatitis or eczema. This might also be why a sublingual form of allergy disensitization (SLIT) and low quality testing and treatment phase only see some improvements of nasal and asthma symptoms but not skin symptoms like in eczema and chronic recurrent urticaria or hives.

Please come and discuss with us on how to control your symptoms if you suffer from any of these diseases. After a proper diagnosis is made, variety of methods can be used to control your disease from progressing into a more debilitating conditions. Besides offering and quality allergy  test and desensitization, our specialized clinic also offers targeted therapies with monoclonal antibodies against several allergy related mechanisms to control your symptoms in severe cases and to minimized systemic side effects. Those can be one or a combination of the methods below:


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