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The providers at Texas Allergy Group are well versed in recognizing and management of Allergic Inflammatory Diseases that encompass several organ systems. Control of organ inflammation and its complication is our goal.





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Asthma is an inflammation disease of the airway, not the lung. It affects about 8-10% of the US population. About 75-85% of patients with asthma also have allergy or have positive allergy skin test to environmental allergens. About 3-10% is associated with aspirin / NSAID sensitivity and a similar percentage of asthmatics are due to occupational or industrial induced airway disease. Asthma most often begins in infant starting with an upper respiratory infection that causes wheezing. In children, if wheezing is mild and infrequent, it does not lead to asthma when your child reaches school age. Allergic asthma children who have mild symptoms can enjoy a transient or even permanent remission growing up. However, a more severe asthma with continued allergen exposure often leads to persistent asthma to adulthood. Allergic asthma usually develops during teenage years. Occupational asthma can persist even after staying away from the exposure. Asthma that starts in your forties may not associate with allergies but may due to aspirin sensitivity. Besides from mild childhood asthma that might go away in certain cases as stated above, once you get a diagnosis of asthma, it tends to be a chronic condition and requires long term treatment including taking of asthma medications and environmental control. Untreated asthma might lead to recurrent bronchitis, or even bronchopneumonia.

In most cases, early signs of asthma present as chronic cough, being chronically fatigue, getting weaned easily or being blamed for laziness or out of shape. Those symptoms are due to lost of lung volume and airway irritability. Late phase of asthma or durring an attack would see wheezes and acute shortness of breath. Appropriate treatment of asthma is key to prevent progressive lost of lung volume and to prevent serious infections like pneumonia.

If you or your family have this condition, please come visit Texas Allergy for a discussion to see how we would help manage your symptoms to prevent it from frequent exacerbation and to make you tolerate normal activities including regular exercise. Besides offering quality allergy test and  desensitization, our clinic also offers several targeted therapies with monoclonal antibodies against various allergy related mechanisms to control your symptoms with minimal systemic side effects. Below are services and procedures we offer for asthma at Texas Allergy.


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