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The providers at Texas Allergy Group are well versed in recognizing and management of Allergic Inflammatory Diseases that encompass several organ systems. Control of organ inflammation and its complication is our goal.


Doanh Nguyen, MD, FAAAAI


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Dr. Nguyen is a Diplomate of the American Board of Allergy & Immunology and the American Board of Internal Medicine and the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons. 

He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Houston in Biochemistry and Biophysics in 2003. His medical degree was awarded in 2007 from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio followed by a fellowship training at the Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology, Pediatrics at All Children's Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine, University of South Florida in Saint Petersburg, Florida. During fellowship training, his research focused on subcutaneous immunoglobulin replacement in primary humoral immunodeficiency patients and patients with eczema. He also helped set up a specialized Atopic Dermatitis Clinic where a comprehensive and standardized approach in treatment of eczema was established. He is appointed clinical professorship at Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Family and Community Medicine since 2015.

Returning to practice in Houston since 2012, Dr. Nguyen starts to recognize a pattern of allergic inflammation that is not just limited to areas that patients have sensations of like in the nose, sinuses or skin. In fact, inflammation and allergies involvement seem to be more systemic affecting many body organs like lower airways, gut, bladders and so on… Furthermore, the complications of systemic inflammation seem to present at a much faster space and more severe in populations who originally migrated from tropical regions of the world where wind-pollinated trees are not common. Therefore treating allergies as a systemic inflammatory condition including detecting and controlling early lungs inflammation have been aggressively pursued at Texas Allergy Group. 

Dr. Nguyen enjoys taking care of both children and adults with asthma, hay fever, chronic sinusitis, chronic cough, chronic hives, angioedema and various allergic diseases such as food allergy, insect, drug allergies, and diseases relating to systemic allergic inflammation. He is especially passionate in his treatment of patients with severe eczema, asthma, hives and primary immunodeficiency to help improve their quality of life.


  • National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (2022 - 2024)
  • American Board of Allergy and Immunology (2012 - 2022)
  • American Board of Internal Medicine (2010 - 2020)


Dr. Nguyen has privileges and sees patients at these hospitals: