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Eczema Clinic


Eczema Clinic | Texas Allergy | Houston Allergist | Texas Allergy Group


Eczema is a chronic relapsing, itching skin inflammation that usually starts in childhood. It presents with different severity. It may relate to different types of allergies. A comprehensive eczema care should include treating skin barriers, defects in the antimicrobial immune defense, allergens exposure, micronutrient deficiency and identifying genetic predisposition to eczema. Come to discuss with us how we could help relieve your skin symptoms and ways to manage your condition. Below are some of the procedures and methods we offer at Texas Allergy.

  • Skin care teaching
  • Idendify and control triggers
  • Disease modifying agents and biologics/monocloncal antibodies
  • Primary immunodeficiency evaluation if indicated

In severe cases, usually in children, your child might need intensive in-hospital care with occlusive dressing to help facilitate skin healing and antimicrobials for super-infections.

Eczema Clinic offers a comprehensive and standardized approach to eczema care.


Eczema Clinic | Texas Allergy | Houston Allergist | Texas Allergy Group

Hands on teaching of skin care at Eczema Clinic



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