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Pet Allergy 



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Pets become part of American family in more than 60% of U.S. households with up to 160 millions of these pet are cats and dogs. Pet owners can develop allergy to pets with symptoms ranging from allergy or allergic rhinitis / conjunctivitis, asthma to allergic skin diseases like hives and eczema.

Despite popular opinion, there are no true "hypoallergenic" cats or dogs. In fact, when we have pet allergy, we develop allergic reactions to its proteins that are found in the saliva, skin flakes, danders, urine, and sweat glands. Short or long hair pets both cause allergy. Washing your cats or dogs would decrease its allergen for only a few hours. Removing a cat or dog from the house does not significantly decrease the amount of cat/dog allergens inside for another 4 to 6 months.

If you or your family have or suspect to have pet allergy, please stop by for a discussion to see how we could help. Below are the services and treatments that we offer for this condition at Texas Allergy.


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